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"We Train So We May Walk in Peace..."

~Imi Lichtenfeld
PeaceWalkers are everyday people who train to protect Life. We belong to a unique fellowship of individuals who have the clarity, courage & skill to effectively deal with the wide spectrum of human conflict. We are motivated by Life & Love more so than fear & hate. PeaceWalkers lead from the front and dedicate ourselves to personal growth and constant training in pursuit of being a protector. We are capable of great empathy, diplomacy and as a last resort, physical defense for the purpose of protecting the Sanctity of Life. We have the resolve & ability to do most good, least harm for everyone as we embrace our will to Live, Protect & Inspire. 
The Power of Protection
The Art of Influence
The Confidence of Clarity
The PeaceWalker WebSite is Dedicated to Helping You Develop a Protector's Lifestyle. 

Confidently handle the full spectrum of conflict, ranging from verbal disagreements to violent physical attacks.

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