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Learn how to confidently handle the full spectrum of conflict, ranging from verbal disagreements to violent physical attacks.

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Attracting Assault: Victims' Nonverbal Cues 
Study pdf

(1982) Grayson  / Stein

w/Robert Barrett - Teacher Extraordinaire 

Applying PeaceWalker Tools to Secondary School Teaching & Classroom Management 
MasterClass:w/Leonard Van Gelder - Physical Therapist 

Find Out the Truth About Arthritis & the #1 Predictor of Physical Injuries for Protectors!
MasterClass w/Leonard VanGelder:

~ Bio, Psycho, Social Model regarding training, recovery, pain & movement.
~ The Truth about arthritis, aging and healthy joints.
~ The #1 Predictor of Injury.
~ Knee injury and care.

Find out more about Leonard, his method and practice here on his website:

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Case Study
w/Dr. Grant Snider
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Martial Shooting
w/Colby Taylor - Church Security Expert & Firearms Instructor

This 17 minute training video is part one of a four (4) part series that will be a part of our Concealed Carry / Defensive Shooting Module.
~ Is Marksmanship the Least Important Skill of Defensive Shooting?
~ Protector Mindset when it comes to carrying firearms
~ How should you be training when it comes to carrying a firearm for self defense?
~ What is Martial Shooting & How Important is it?
~ Problem Solving Skills Regarding Firearms
~ Starting w/Why
~ Ego, Ethics, Identity and 'Power Tools'
~ I'm always armed, sometimes I carry a gun
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Firearm for Personal Protection
w/Officer (Resv.) & CPL Instructor Tim Walker
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This short but impactful 10 minute video covers some important subjects regarding an Active Assailant Event and what to do when the police arrive at the scene of a shooting. 

FEATURED: Case Study
Larry McDonald: Former U.S. Army Drill Sgt. & Tank Commander, Tactical Firearms Instructor & Krav Maga Enthusiast
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Preventing Injuries When Working Out (especially after 40)
w/Dr. Eric LeLamielleure
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If you are working out (Or thinking About It) you're not want to miss this one!!
Here is Part 1 of Dr. Eric DeLamielleure and I talking about Injury Prevention and Training over 40.
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Conflict Management & Applied Philosophy 
w/Dr. Grant Snider
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MasterClass: With Dr. Grant Snider (Part 1) -  
~ Communicating With, Managing & Teaching Millennials.
~ The Challenges of Changing Communication Styles.
~ Practical Philosophy & Morality. Can we make people more ethical? If so how!?
~ Looking beyond the Symptoms of Social Problems to See Core Solutions.
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Teacher Talks About His School Getting Locked Down (Not a Drill!)
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MasterClass: PeaceWalker Methods for Teachers & Managers w/Rob Barrett:
This 37 minute training video is part one of his multi-part series that is in our PeaceWalker for Teachers Module.
This segment covers:
~ Answers to the 3 Biggest Challenges Teachers Face When Dealing w/Disruptive, Difficult Students.

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PeaceWalker Case Study: Rob Barrett
Part 1
Part 2
Hear how Rob Barrett uses the PeaceWalker perspective in his life and career as a high school teacher.
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