"We Train So We May Walk in Peace..."

~Imi Lichtenfeld
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PeaceWalkers are everyday people who train to protect the Life of self & others. We belong to a unique fellowship of individuals who have the clarity, courage & skill to effectively deal with the wide spectrum of human conflict. We are motivated by Life & Love more so than fear & hate. PeaceWalkers lead from the front and dedicate ourselves to personal growth and constant training in pursuit of being a protector. We are capable of great empathy, diplomacy and as a last resort, violence for the purpose of protecting the Value of Life. We have the resolve and ability to do most good, least harm for all as we embrace our will to Live, Protect & Inspire. 
The Power of Protection
The Art of Influence
The Confidence of Clarity
The PeaceWalker is Dedicated to Developing a Protector's Lifestyle. 

Confidently handle the full spectrum of conflict, ranging from verbal disagreements to violent physical attacks.

Connect with a community of Protectors from all walks of life!

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