Learn How to Deal with Conflict More Effectively from Minor Disagreements to Physical Acts of Violence.
Feel More Confident when Managing Conflict &
Violence in Your Personal & Professional Life!
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What is PeaceWalker.net?

No matter who you are, or what you do, we all have to deal with people! And with people comes CONFLICT.

...And opportunities, but only if you know how to deal with things well!

What would having more skill and confidence when dealing with difficult, even dangerous people mean for your life?


Learn how to stay cool under pressure, lead more effectively, talk more persuasively, and if it all goes to 'hell in a hand basket,' protect more confidently!

PeaceWalker.net is an on-line community and educational resource to help you do just that! Connect with a community who will provide support and show you how to increase your abilities in Leadership, Verbal Communication, Conflict Management and Physical Defensive Tactics.

What will you get being a PeaceWalker.net Member?

You gain instant access to our foundational courses on Leadership, Conflict Management and Protection Tactics. You will also receive unlimited access to literally dozens of easy to understand and apply tools presented in a quick, simple and step-by-step format.

You will benefit from learning 'best practices' from real-world case-studies with people who are top in their field. MOST IMPORTANTLY you will be welcomed to connect to a community of like minded individuals, just like you, who are looking to improve their ability to effectively handle conflict and better deal with difficult, disrespectful, even dangerous people. We show you how to handle yourself at home, on the job and in public situations.

Clarifying and sustaining your Protector Identity as a PeaceWalker will elevate your effectiveness when dealing with people at work and in your personal life. Embracing this approach can dramatically increase your confidence, success, safety and fulfillment. It's a Better Life!

The site is updated regularly with new content including:

~ MasterClass Workshops
~ Complete On-Line Courses
~ LIVE On-Line Coaching 
~ Case Studies
~ Tips, Tricks & Tactics
~ Physical Defensive Tactics
~ Basic Training Courses
~ Blog Posts
~ Bonus Material
~ And More!

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The Five Principles:

The entire PeaceWalker Approach comes from 5 Core Principles:

(1) IDENTITY - Everyone is protecting something, we just have to be CLEAR that they are the right things, or it can go 'South' fast... Especially during conflict!

(2) ATTITUDE - No matter how skilled you are, if you can't stay cool & FOCUS on the right things, you won't be able to handle the situation.

(3) AWARENESS - KNOWLEDGE of what to look for in yourself, others & the situational environment, can be the difference between your success or failure.

- Learn CONFIDENCE when you influence people with your presence, your words and your actions.

(5) ACTION - Feel the POWER of knowing what to do during a confrontation. How to appropriately engage or disengage is essential for not only staying safe, but also for having greater confidence and clarity for a successful career and a fulfilling life.

The Three Fundamentals:
I. Verbal Communication Skills
II. Leadership Development
III. Physical Defensive Tactics
Communicate More Effectively!
Lead More Clearly!
Protect More Confidently!
Meet Your Guide
Craig Gray is a speaker, trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME). For over two decades he has been highly sought after by numerous private and government organizations to share his unique approach on conflict management, leadership and defensive tactics.

His field experience spans protective services, corporate America, martial arts, teaching & being a knucklehead growing up. Craig created the MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards) Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program and was an adjunct instructor for defensive tactics and protector ethics at the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy within the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps.

Craig is also a successful entrepreneur, a black belt instructor in Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Force's Defensive Tactics) and an Associate at Resolution Group International, a conflict management company serving the needs of the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies and private organizations.

He has been helping people to communicate more clearly, lead more effectively and defend themselves (& others!) more confidently for over 25 years. Now you have this rare opportunity to benefit from this approach and connect to this powerful community of protectors!
Proof! See What Members Say About the PeaceWalker Approach...
"Craig's the Real Deal! Students are given the tools to become the best version of themselves."

~ Jeff H., Sales Engineer
"A challenging and encouraging community. Each class teaches something valuable. It has truly enriched my life in more ways than one!"

~ Allyse F., MS, LPC

"Craig is hands down one of the best instructors in the world."

~ Mike B., The Conquerors International Strength Team
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